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March 6, 2018

For those of you who have been following me for a while now, you have probably picked up on the fact that Joe and I love to travel! Whenever we get the chance, we pause what we're doing, pack our bags and hit the road ready for a new adventure! This past February we were able to do just that! We said goodbye to the blizzards of Northern Indiana and said hello to the warm sunshine of Southern Arizona! We landed in Phoenix and drove down to Mesa where we spent the first five days of our vacation with my grandparents. It was here in Mesa where I got to see my first cactus, ride a horse through the desert, pick an orange from a tree for the first time, and ride in a bright yellow 2018 Camaro that definitely captured part of my husband's heart! Seriously, I think driving that Camaro was his favorite part of the trip! 

Before this vacation, I had never been to the desert. In fact, the only state I had been to out west was Southern California. Waking up every morning to the crisp, warm air, grabbing my grandma's bike and riding around her neighborhood was one of my favorite ways of exploring this "new land". It was all so beautiful in such a different way. Every yard was filled with crushed gravel instead of grass. Citrus trees were growing instead of apple trees. Cactuses were a normal part of every yard's landscape. Palm trees greeted me at every street corner. Everywhere I looked, my gaze was filled with mountains, palm trees, cactuses and orange dirt. The air wasn't filled with humidity like it is in Indiana. It was all so breathtaking. 

One of Joe's favorite parts of the trip was heading over to Scottsdale, AZ and going to a service at Trinity Church, which is pastored by Mark Driscoll. For those of you who know this wonderful pastor, yep, we both got to shake his had and hear a wonderful message about being born again! It was a pretty cool experience. After Mesa, we drove up to Northern Arizona and saw the Grand Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend for the first time! We then ended our trip by driving to Southern Utah to hike through Zion National Park. What an experience that was! Although I saw some awesome, well-known national parks, I would have to say enjoying local life in Mesa was definitely my favorite experience and part of my heart will always be there. 


Below are some of my favorite pictures from our adventures in Arizona and Utah! I hope you can sit back, enjoy, and take your own little journey there with us through these. 


Until next time, 


|| Taylor K. Marie Rohrer|| 


 Horseshoe Bend


 The 2018 Camaro of course! 


 The Desert in Tonto National Forest





Two of my favorite men! My grandpa and my husband :) 

Horse back riding in the desert

There was beautiful scenery everywhere! This was a place we saw on a cruise through the Tonto National Forest





































Left: Every state has their wild animals. In Arizona, that would be horses. These are some wild horses in the Tonto National Forest. Right: My hubby walking down the street checking out some scenery.


 So this is me and grandma enjoying a slow cruise in the Camaro with the top down in Scottsdale, AZ. And below is the after math of flying down the highway at 80mpg with the top down... it took me 30 min. to brush those tangles out. But it was totally worth it! 


The Grand Canyon 


 While we were at the village at the southern part of the Grand Canyon, we saw these deer just walking around. They didn't care one bit we were walking right around them or that cars were driving by. It is the closest I've ever been to a deer. In the middle picture you can see Joe is like 3 feet away from the deer and they're doing just fine. 


 Horseshoe Bend... near the North part of the Grand Canyon. This was my favorite thing to see. I love the blue mixed with orange.


 Zion National Park, Utah

































Hiking up a very steep mountain to see "Angel Rock." 










Vacation: February 2018



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