6 Things No One Told Me About Working From Home

January 10, 2018



Happy New Year friends!! I thought I would start 2018 off with a little educational post for yah! I've always loved the idea of being a creative entrepreneur and working from home while creating my own schedule. And although it sounds pretty glamorous, there were some adjustments that had to be made that I was not expecting. So, here's to my friends out there who like to see a little behind the scenes. Without further ado, I introduce you to: 



6 Things I've Learned About Working From Home



1. You Need to Set a Schedule to Wear Real Clothes: 

Before I started working from home, I absolutely loved jeans! I wore them every day and hardly ever wore sweatpants. But, as I started working from home, (which is a lot of sitting in front of the computer) I started leaning towards the comfortable clothes. Next thing I know, I'm living in leggings and oversized sweatshirts with my hair in a bun looking like a hot mess. And to tell you the truth, this is SO COMMON among those who work from home. Once I realized that I wasn't alone, I decided to take control and make a weekly "Wear Real Clothes" schedule. For me that looks like 3 days out of the 5 day work week, I must put on real clothes and take time to do my hair. I know, this sounds silly. But when you don't have anywhere to go or anyone to see, it is so easy to fall into this trap. 



2. You Must Set Your Alarm:
When I started working from home, I loved the idea of waking up without an alarm. Waking up naturally sounded much better to me. Plus, I'm a morning person, so I knew it would totally work! WRONG! 8:00 turned into 8:45 turned into 9:15 turned into 10:30! Woah! I learned waking up without an alarm can actually cause more stress because by the time I woke up, half of my day was gone and I was running all over the place trying to make up for the time that I lost! So now I set my alarm for 8:00am every morning just like anyone that actually goes somewhere for work. I feel much more productive during the day and end the day proud of every minute I used. 



3. Remember to Eat: 

"Seriously Taylor, how can you forget to eat?" Well, when you're sitting in front of a screen all day, totally focused on what you're doing, you lose track of everything going on around you, including time. I've heard many entrepreneurs say that if they don't make a designated time to take a break and go eat, they will just grab the quick bag of cheetos and a soda and snack on that all day or just not eat at all. So, it truly is important for us to create a designated eating break. Thankfully I have a husband who comes home for lunch everyday. This forces me to stop what I am working on, sit down and eat something nutritional. So most days I do pretty well. However, when he's out of town, this is much harder to do. 


4. Work Hard on Your Social Life: 

To be honest, working from home can be pretty lonely. I brainstorm ideas by myself, re-read posts to myself, and take breaks by myself. In fact, I probably talk to my dog more than anyone I know! As an extrovert, this is probably the most difficult thing for me and can easily cause me to feel unsatisfied and down. So, I have to make sure I take time to see some friends, get out of the house/office and do something fun! These breaks always leave me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new day of work! 



5. Grab Some Fresh Air: 

As a photographer, 90% of my work is on the computer. And after sitting in front of a screen all day, I can get a little tired and grumpy and lack motivation to make dinner. So I make it a priority everyday to get outside and exercise. Luckily I have a very energetic dog who loves to play outside. So he keeps me entertained. But this exercise can also look like a walk, bike ride, run or cross country skiing.  



6. Get Out of the House: 

My house is my workspace. As a wife it's where I clean and cook to provide for my family. As a photographer, it's where I work all day long, brainstorming, creating, and editing. As a pet owner, it's where I train and discipline my dog. As an adult it's where I have to think about finances and keep a budget. As someone who loved interior design, it's where I dream about the house renovations I long to complete some day. Eventually, being in the same space 24/7, I start to get antsy and easily flustered because I am always thinking or working. I never get to leave my office. So it is vital for me to get out, see something new and go explore a different place.  



Well, there yah have it! Doesn't sound so glamorous now huh? I will tell you, having my own business is truly awesome! And working from home is definitely convenient. But just like any other job, it comes with new challenges and obstacles that require adjustments and some well thought-out planning.



Until Next Time,


|| Taylor K. Marie Rohrer || 



Photo By: Jasmine Star


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