The Moment the President Landed

December 6, 2017


Police were surrounding the area. Men were armed with guns. The streets were blocked off and we didn't know why. Suddenly, we heard the answer. Joe and I looked at each other and thought, "No Way!" Looking up to the sky, we saw three helicopters making their way to The White House. Our eyes followed as they flew over us and hovered over The White House while one descended and landed in the back yard. The other two helicopters continued to circle the area until the President was safe inside. Ten minutes later, they flew away. Police would only say "a movement had happened." But everyone knew. There were Secret Service walking around the perimeter! I even ran into two of them! It wasn't just a movement. It was the President's movement! 


When you only have one day in the capitol, you walk and bike as many miles as you can to see all you can see in 24 hours (but let's be real, I can't stay awake for 24 hours, so it was more like 12 hours). Joe and I had a great time! We saw things we've never seen before; like the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol building, and the Arlington Cemetery. But what we didn't plan, what we just "happened" to see while passing The White House was definitely the best part of our trip! Although I don't have a picture of that once in a lifetime event (because all I could do was drop my jaw and watch) I have pictures from the rest of our day! So scroll down to check out everything that happened before the President landed and take a tour of Washington D.C. with us! 



Happy Travels! Until next time,


|| Taylor K. Marie Rohrer ||






 Amphitheater on the property of the Arlington Cemetery.

I know this pales in comparison to the Roman Colleseum, but standing in front of this made me feel as if I were in the old Roman days filled with Greek Mythology. Am I the only one who thinks this has a Roman feel to it? 

 The Alrington Cemetery (Left) and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Right). 

 The guard of the Tomb. 

 The graves of President FDR, his wife (and his two children whom each have a smaller grave on either side of these two). In front of the stones there is a fire that I assume is always burning.


 The beautiful Lincoln Memorial and the reflection pond. 

 The main lobby of the Library of Congress. 

 The ceiling of the Library of Congress. I love looking at ceilings in old buildings like this. The art work, colors and details are astonishing! 


Inside the actual Library part of the Library of Congress (below). National Treasure anyone? I was really tempted to break all the rules and go inside the circle desk to see if there really is a door in there that opens up to a secret passageway. 



The Trump International Hotel. Of course it looks like a castle! 



 The front yard of the White House after the President landed. 








Day in D.C.: December, 2nd, 2017



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