The One Thing We Need, Yet Run Away From the Most

November 7, 2017





 R E S T 



We all know the word. In fact, it's part of our every day lives. Our human bodies NEED it. But even though we know we need it, we often times run away from it. In fact, I would go as far as to say that we often times FEAR it. "What?!" you ask ."I am not afraid of rest!" Alright. Well can I tell you something? I used to be. But at the time I didn't know it. And I bet if you spend some time thinking about it, you are in the same position I was. I want to share with you three reasons why I believe people fear rest; and I have a feeling that once you're done reading, you'll find yourself in one of these three categories. 



People Fear Rest Because: 


1. We are afraid to be alone with ourselves. I'm talking distraction free quiet time. Think about it. In today's entertainment-focused generation, we all have phones or some type of noise in our faces 24/7. When we're in the waiting room for 5 minutes, what do we do? Pull out our phones. When the check out line at Meijer is 30 minutes long, we pull out our phones. Heck, even when we go to the bathroom we take our phones with us and look on Facebook because going to the bathroom has become "boring". (I know you do it.) So, the idea of sitting or laying down without the tv on, social media pulled up or music playing in the background, sounds boring to some. And that is exactly what people fear: being bored. Why is that scary? Because it takes away all the distractions and leaves us with our thoughts. And it's in those quite moments that we start to believe the lies Satan puts in our ears like "you're not good enough." "you're not thin enough." "No one cares about you." And so we work harder and move faster and fill up our schedules so that we don't have time to stop and listen to the lies.


2. We are afraid we will miss something if we take a break. We have too much work to do and too many places to go to even think about rest! If we stop and take a break now it will only cause us to fall farther behind on our never ending to-do list. Oh friends, have I been here! I will admit it. As a collegiate athlete studying three languages I was here! I never rested because in my mind I had "no time." Well, let me tell you, I definitely did not have time for the two day bed rest that came from over-exhaustion, way too much stress and not enough food! That took up way more time than a few 20 minute breaks throughout the day would have. And in addition, it caused my body to crash. When we're so focused on climbing the ladder and being a busy bee, we throw rest out the window and our health along with it. 


3. We are afraid we will not have the strength or ambition to get back up again. We're so overworked, that if we stop now, we'll crash. And since we don't have time for a crash, we just don't rest at all. 


 So, dear friend, I ask you, which one are you?


To my friends who are #1: I encourage you to stop and rest. When those lies come, don't cower away and run. Instead fight back with truth! Use scripture to combat Satan. If scripture is not your thing, use some encouraging quotes to overcome those lies. Don't let those lies steal your rest. You deserve to rest. You were made to rest. 


To the #2's and #3's out there: As one of my favorite photographers, Jenna Kutcher, says, "Stressed work is not our best work." If you keep running, you will eventually run yourself out of energy and the quality of your work will decrease. Taking a few short breaks throughout the day will give you energy and motivation to keep going and will give your brain the break it needs to keep your work at a energetic and impressive level.



This picture was taken up at Newaygo State Park in Michigan. Before this picture, I was a mess. Completely overwhelmed with life. I had pretty much met my limit and was on the verge of losing it. I was definitely #2. After this picture, after the four days of complete rest, I felt rejuvenated. I felt peace fill me up again for the first time in weeks. And I felt strengthened to take on the eventful months coming up. So friends, I encourage you to make rest a priority in your life. Make it something you look forward to every day. Curl up for 20 minutes and read a couple chapters from your favorite book. Grab yourself a Starbucks and just sit and enjoy the warmth and flavors from that drink. Go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful fall weather while we still have it. Take a nap. Do whatever you need to do to make rest a part of your daily life. 



Till Next Time,


|| Taylor K. Marie Rohrer ||





Picture Location: Newaygo State Park, Michigan


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