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September 15, 2017



I honestly don't remember when the thought of becoming a photographer entered my mind; but I do remember the first time I grew an interest for taking pictures. It was back when I was an 8 year old girl. My mom and I would meet up with some of her girlfriends and their children about once a month and work on scrapbooking our latest photos. I always looked forward to those parties because I loved the feeling of taking pictures, getting them printed, picking out a pretty book and using them to tell a story. During those parties I pretty well kept to myself because I really wanted to get my book done. And sure enough, after every party, my book was finished while others had only finished 2-3 pages. 



I carried that passion for scrapbooking through the age of twelve. I remember going off to my favorite camp for a week, Camp Barakel, and taking one of those disposable cameras with me. I would fill that thing up with all kinds of pictures so that when I got home and made my book, those looking at it could see Camp Barakel and feel like they had actually been there. (Looking back now, they were some pretty embarrassing pictures: like up close pictures of my face covered in soot.) 



It wasn't until I entered middle school that I received my first camera. It was an automatic Kodak that had a string on it so you could carry it from your wrist. I took that with me to other camps I went to, but instead of making a scrapbook, I made a specific folder on the computer for that trip and that became my new version of a scrapbook. When I got into high school, an interest started to develop within me to try and be creative with my pictures. I grabbed my little camera and took pictures of landscape, but didn't really enjoy that. So I tried taking pictures of people, and that is where I lit up! I loved working with people and trying to capture their natural-self. This love followed me to my senior year where I then attended my first photography class. During that year, I had the opportunity to learn about film and to learn about studio work. That year really taught me how to be creative with my shooting and not just see what's in front of me. Although I enjoyed studio work, I never had the same passion for it as I did for shooting outdoors. I really enjoy all the natural backgrounds, lighting and elements that you find outside and no matter how hard you try, they never look real in a studio.



So, the summer before my freshman year of college, I took the knowledge and experience I gained from that photography class and started K. Marie Studios. The fall of that year I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D7000, which is what I still shoot with today. Throughout my college years, I was a college athlete who was an American Sign Language Interpreting major and a Spanish minor. I spent about 40 hours a week with the soccer team and the other hours in classrooms that didn't use English,  in my room doing homework, or just trying to catch up on sleep. So I didn't have much time to pour into my photography. Every summer I would get things started up again and then have to shut them down when school came along. 



Now, as a college graduate, I have the time to pour back into my business with even more knowledge. In a way you could say I am starting over. In May I released my first website with a new and improved look for my company. I came out with new business cards, created an Instagram, a Pinterest and have started a Blog. In addition to all of this, now I can also use the languages I learned in college to connect with even more people. It feels great to finally give photography my full attention and help it grow to its greatest potential. I am so thankful for how God has helped me on this journey to get where I am today, even though it took longer than I expected, and I am so excited to see where He will take my photography career in the future! 




|| Taylor K. Marie Rohrer ||





Photo By: Jono Spear Photography 



Location: St. Patrick's Park: South Bend, Indiana





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