Explaining the First Look

April 30, 2019


In this part of the KMS Bridal Education Suite, we're talking all about the FIRST LOOK. I feel like sometimes the first look can get a bad name because it's not "traditional" and not quite understood. So in this post I'm going to explain to you what a First Look is and share with you a few reasons why I love it. 


So, a first look is a private moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time. This moment happens before the ceremony and involves only the groom, bride and photographer. It's a very intimate moment that allows the couple to express their true response to seeing each other all dressed up and to show their excitement for the moment they finally get to say "I Do." 



Why I Love First Looks: 





1. True Emotional Response: Alright ladies! Let's be honest. When you dream about walking down the aisle towards your soon-to-be husband what do you dream of? A response, right? And not just any response, a shocked response where the groom ends up tearing up because you're just so beautiful! I mean, who doesn't want that? Well, I don't know about you but my husband isn't too emotional. So when I was thinking whether I wanted a first look or not, my first thoughts went to him. 1. He's an introvert, and we had close to 300 people at our wedding. 2. He doesn't really show much emotion on his face. So I knew if I wanted to get that shocking response when we saw each other for the first time, it was going to need to be a private moment where he didn't feel like he was in the spotlight. And looking back, I'm so glad we did a first look because I did get a pretty big smile that wouldn't have happened in front of 300 people. 


2. Calms Nerves: Although weddings are awesome and such a great celebration, they can be quite nerve-recking for the bride and groom. You're already going through so many changes (a new house and a new last name for example) and now you have this day where you are going to publicly declare your love for each other in front of a crowd of people that are watching your every move. This can be a bit scary. Taking some time to spend with your fiancé before stepping in front of all those people truly helps calm those nerves. It pushes away the distractions of all those little things that might not be flowing perfectly and reminds you of the main reason you are getting married: to spend your life with the person right across from you that you love so dearly. And that's all that matters. Once you walk away from that first look with your new, calm perspective, you can go on to enjoy the ceremony and the rest of your day celebrating instead of worrying. 


3. Fresh Hair and Makeup: A typical wedding day timeline starts with all the girls getting their hair and makeup done and then getting ready. Right after this is when the first look happens. One of the benefits of having a first look is fresh hair and makeup. When you wait to take the bride and groom photos until after the ceremony, your hair and makeup can look a little worn out and you've already had a long day so you can feel worn out: especially if your ceremony is outside on a warm July day and the humidity is above 50%. As a bride, you've spent so much time planning the perfect hairdo, looking for the perfect dress, and booking the perfect venue. And if you've spent so much time planning this, you want your photos to show the beauty of these things instead of showing the lovely curse of humidity and mother nature. 


Well there you have it! The First Look explained! I hope this gave you a new perspective on first looks and gave you something to think about!


Until next time,







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