Ethan & Olivia || Family Farm Engagement

November 15, 2019


Since they were three years old, Ethan and Olivia have been a part of each others lives. Whether it was at church or around their families, these two saw each other frequently. However, it wasn't until the sweet age of sixteen that any romance started to blossom. Being from a family of farmers, Olivia's mom ran a corn crew the summer she was sixteen and Ethan decided to join the crew and work along side her. It was during this time that they got to know each other better, find their commonalities and begin their dating relationship. It didn't take long before they knew they were a perfect fit. 


Once Olivia graduated college, Ethan knew it was time to pop the question. Knowing Olivia loves flowers, he took her to Kalamazoo one day and stopped at a city park to admire the flowers throughout the area. As Olivia was pointing out her favorites, Ethan pointed out a simple green bush for her to look at. She stared at it for a moment wondering why in the world he was pointing out this plain bush. She looked for a sign as to why this bush was significant and when she finally turned around to ask him, he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand. Of course she said yes and the rest is history. 


Ethan and Olivia, thank you for letting me into your lives and spending a cold Friday evening with me to celebrate your engagement! I had such a 
wonderful time getting to know you two and look forward to watching your two lives become one! Enjoy your photos :)


*When creating this post, my website made some of the photos look contrasty. It normally doesn't do this and I couldn't figure out how to change it. So to view the album and see the photos in their true state, click here.




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