5 Ways to Prepare For Your Engagement Session

March 20, 2018



Hey Friends! It's time for the second post in the KMS Bridal Education Suite! I like to think of this one as the Pre-Engagement Session Checklist. If you follow these few tips before you head off to your session, you should feel confident, excited and fully prepared.



5 Things to Do Before Your Engagement Session: 


1. Clean Your Ring: During every engagement session, I like to grab the future bride's new ring and take some pictures of it up close. If the ring is dirty, that can show up in the picture and ruin the beautiful ring shot. So to make sure your ring photos come out clean and shiny, I recommend stopping by your local jewelry store and having it cleaned before-hand. 


2. Have a Preview Party: For most of you, this is your first time having an engagement session. Now I know some of you brides have been following photographers for a while, dreaming about this moment, so you know exactly what to expect. However, most grooms don't. They may think an engagement shoot is about 10 minutes long and consists of a few shots smiling at the camera. You know your groom best. I recommend sitting down together for 15 minutes explaining to him why you are so excited about this, what you love about it and then scrolling through some of my past engagement sessions on the blog so that the both of you know what your session will look like. 


3. Get Your Hair and Makeup Done: This step is completely optional. But I just wanted to tell you that it is ok to treat yourself for this special occasion. Some brides like to have their makeup trial done right before their engagement session to see what it will look like on the wedding day. I think this is a great idea! It's always fun when the bride gets her hair and makeup done for the shoot.  


4. Check Out my Outfit Recommendations: If you haven't already checked out my recent post on how to have a great outfit for your engagement session, head on over and take a look. It will help you understand how to pick out an outfit you feel confident in and know you look good in. Also, if you're a visual person, feel free to check out my Engagement Outfit Pinterest board where I share lots of outfit inspiration and ideas and give examples of great couple color combinations. 


5. Take a Deep Breath: Now that you've done everything you can to prepare for the session, take a deep breath and relax. I do not expect you to be a pro at modeling for this session. Every couple I have worked with in the past have all been first-timers and they did great! I tell all my couples it takes about 20 minutes to warm up and get comfortable at the beginning of their shoot. So relax and don't worry! Trust me as your photographer, let go of the nerves and have fun! 


I hope this leaves you feeling prepared and excited for your session. 


See you soon! 






**Are you interested in becoming a KMS Bride? Check out my Engagement and Wedding portfolios! Interested in what it looks like to become a KMS Bride? Head over to my For My Brides page and read about the KMS Bride Experience! :) 



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