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February 2, 2018



Happy Friday friends!


Welcome to the first post in the KMS Bridal Education Suite. From the moment she gets engaged to the moment she says "I Do" there are so many things a bride has on her plate and having a few educational resources can help take a load off. So today I thought I would give my future brides a few tips on how to pick out a great outfit for your upcoming engagement session! 



1. Bring 2 outfits: I recommend bringing one dressy outfit and one casual outfit. This provides the opportunity for you and your fiancé to get some pictures that look a little fancier and then have some that are more relaxed. Having two completely different outfits gives you a variety of photos to choose from.


2. Be on the same page: It is important to make sure your definition of "dressy" is the same. It would look a little awkward if the woman is in a cute fancy dress and the guy is in a graphic t-shirt and shorts. Communicate ahead of time.    


3. Coordinate instead of match: The key to planning a stunning engagement outfit is NOT to wear the same exact color. If you both decide to wear a plum purple top, you blend together and nothing stands out. You want your outfits to compliment each other. Here are a few examples of colors that go well together: coral & light blue, olive green & light grey or burgundy & navy. If you truly desire to wear the same color, then I recommend wearing different shades. For example, a light purple dress shirt with a dark purple dress or a light blue outfit with a navy outfit.  


4. Refrain from both wearing white: Again, repeating from the last point: this will make you blend together. In addition, if you both wear white on top it can cause you to look over-exposed (too bright), can lower the contrast in the image and can come across unflattering.   

5. Choose one pattern: If one person is wearing a pattern (plaid, stripes, checkers) it will look best if the other person wears a solid color. This will look well-balanced. If both of you wear patterns, especially if they're different patterns, it will become a distraction. Also, if the pattern that is being worn is quite bold in color, have the other person wear a more neutral and soft solid (grey, navy, tan...). Now, by saying this I don't mean you have to wear a pattern. But if you're thinking of it, I recommend that you choose one person to do so. 


6. Stay away from small patterns: Small patterns like dots or little checkered-boxes can cause weird things to happen in the camera and can highlight random areas of your body you don't want highlighted. For this reason, I recommend wearing patterns that are bigger like large plaid patterns or wider stripes. If you desire to wear dots, try finding some that are the size of a dime or larger. 


7. Men: I recommend wearing close-toed shoes. For the more casual outfit, I recommend shoes that are relaxed but nice looking like dockers or cowboy boots (and depending on your definition of "dressy", cowboy boots can go with that too!) I would also avoid wearing tennis shoes and graphic tees. You and your fiancé are paying to have some nice pictures taken together. I encourage you to put your best outfit on for this special occasion. 


8. Ladies: I recommend that you wear something that flatters the parts of you that you love the most and also allows you to be extremely confident! If you are uncomfortable when you look in the mirror (having to suck in and only like the way you look from one angle), then that probably isn't the best outfit choice for you. I want you to be confident in your outfit because I know you will love your portraits so much more if you're not worrying about how your clothes fit! Also choose clothes that are flattering to your skin tone. We all have colors that look great on us and those that just don't work. For example, I am a fair skinned blonde hair blue eyed girl. So I will never wear a yellow, mustard yellow or orange top in any photo because I know that color doesn't look good on me. It blends in with my hair, makes me look burnt (by highlighting my pink/orange skin) and doesn't flatter my curves. So keep that in mind as you pick your outfit. Again I want you to be in an outfit you know you look good in and feel confident in! 



I hope this is of great help to you and gives you a great place to start! If you are a visual learner like me, check out my Pinterest board for some more outfit inspiration! 



Hope to see you soon!






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